Saturday, November 3, 2012

Non-standard packing is not allowed w.e.f 1st November 2012

19 Categories of Packed Goods to Comply with Standard Sizes w.e.f. 01st November 2012: During the last few years manufacturers have been packing the packed goods in non– standard sizes to mislead the consumers about the prices. Manufacturer have been retaining the same price but at the same time the net content of the packages got reduced.  The reduction in the weight amounted to increase in the prices but at the same was misleading the buyers that the product is still being priced at the same level. As an example the packet of biscuit earlier in 100gm packet was selling at Rs. 10/-. The manufacturer instead of increasing price reduced the content from 100gm to 85 gm.

Many consumer organizations protested against such trade practices and sought the intervention of Govt. of India for a standard packing size. Items which now have been brought in the standard Packing lists are Tea, Coffee, Cereals and Pulses, Edible Oils, Vanaspati, Ghee, Butter Oil, Atta, Rice Floor, Rawa and Suji, Salt, Detergents, Aerated Soft Drinks and Non– Alcoholic Beverages, Mineral Water, Drinking Water, Materials which may be Constituted or Reconstituted as Beverages, Bread including Brown Bread, Biscuits, Un-Canned Packages of Butter and Margarine, Baby Food , Weaning Foods, Soaps, Cement and Paints.
All non– standard sizes will go off the shelf from 1st November 2012 for 19 categories of packed goods. As an example the Tea can be sold only in standard sizes of 25gm, 50gm, 100gm, 125gm, 250gm.

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