Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are you getting compensated by Airlines for Denied Boarding, Flight Delays and Cancellations?


1.   The airlines have arrangement of booking tickets though their own web-site as well as that of their travel agencies. Compare the net cost of the tickets through various sites of travel agencies and before final booking just check the total cost of the ticket directly at the web-site of Airline.  Look into if any special discounts are being offered.
2.        Carry your ID card with the e-ticket as the same would be required for identification purposes.
3.        Do not carry any item not allowed in the cabin baggage.
4.       Please read carefully refund policies in case of cancelation / rescheduling of tickets.  Read the weight, sizes of the baggage permissible to be carried as check in baggage and cabin baggage. Airlines are charging extra for the excess baggage.
5.       Co-operate with Airline and security personal for security clearance.
6.       Provide your contact number while booking the tickets as Airlines are required to intimate the passengers in advance for flight delays/ cancellation etc. No compensation is payable to passengers on account of flight delays and cancellation if the passengers has not provided contact number.
7.       Refund on account of cancellation of ticket is required to be done as follows:
(i)                   In case of credit card payment, refund shall be made by Airlines within 7 days of cancellation to the account of credit card holder.
(ii)                 In case of cash transactions, refund shall be made immediately by the airlines office from where the ticket was purchased.
(iii)                In case of purchase of ticket through travel agents, the arrangement for refund be left to the passenger and the travel agent.
(iv)               Airlines shall necessarily return the PSF collected by them from the passengers on non-utilization/ cancellation of tickets.
(v)                 The Airlines shall refund any charges such as congestion change, fuel surcharges etc. along with the refund of the ticket unless these are clubbed with basic fares.
(vi)               When being offered tickets for future travel, passengers shall be allowed an option for refund of money instantly.
(vii)              In case of lost ticket coupons, the airlines shall take prompt action to refund the ticket amount after verification from their          records.
8.       The disabled passengers may intimate Airlines in advance preferably at the time of booking tickets any additional facility required during check in and check out, at departure/ arrival lounge, embarking and disembarking.
9.       Airlines have been advised to provide the necessary assistance to the persons having disability/ impairment who wish to travel alone without an escort.
10.   Wheel chairs are to be provided to the disabled passengers without any extra charge.
11.   The airlines do not have obligation to pay compensation in cases where the cancellation and delays have been caused by events of force majeure.
12.   The airlines are not liable to pay any compensation in respect of cancellations and delays attributable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), meteorological conditions, security risks or any other causes beyond the control of the airlines.
13.   All the airlines are to follow refunded and compensation policies in case of denied boarding, flight delays and flight cancellations. The denied boarding do not cover denial on account of reasons due to health, safety, security or inadequate travel documentation.
14.  If the passengers is denied boarding against his will, the airlines shall as soon as practicable compensate as given in table 1 in addition to the refund of Air Ticket. The passenger is also to be offered an alternative to the compensation a choice of refund of air ticket at the price it was purchased, a flight to the first point of departure, alternative transportation to the final destination. Once an option is selected by the passenger, the passenger will not have any option to switch over to another form.
Fights Block Time
Compensation (subject to the value of ticket)*
Up to  one hour
Rs. 2,000/-
> 1 hrs. up to 2 hrs.
Rs. 3,000/-
> 2 hrs.
Rs. 4,000/-
Table 1: Compensation for denied boarding/ flight cancellation
15.   In case of cancellation of flight, the Airlines are required to inform the passengers at least 3 hours in advance through the contact information given at the time of booking the ticket. In case Airlines has failed to intimate passenger at least 3 hours in advance about the cancellation of flight, the passengers are entitled for a compensation as given in Table 1 in addition to the refund of the ticket prices in the event the passenger do not wish to travel on an alternate flight at no additional cost. The airlines are also required to provide additional facilities at the Airport for the meals and refreshment in relation to the waiting period in the event the passengers has already reported for original flight or waiting for additional flight. No compensation is payable if the passengers do not accept the alternate travel arrangement made by the Airlines or cancellation occurring due to circumstances beyond the control of Airlines.     
16.  In case a passengers has not provided contact information, the airlines will either refund the ticket prices or make alternate travel arrangement as per choice of passengers. In case of passenger who elects to travel to the destination on an alternate flight, the airlines shall provide them with reasonable facilities during the waiting period as per Table 2.
Fights Block Time
Minimum Delay

Up to hrs.
Meals and refreshment in relation to waiting time 
>hrs. up to 5 hrs.
3 hrs.
> 5 hrs.
17.   In case of flight delays, the compensation as per Table 2 is payable.
18.   If delay time is more than 24 hrs. Airline shall arrange Hotel accommodation including transfers.