Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is the use of deployment of Information Technology if not used- Waste of Tax Payers money

Department of Posts Govt. of India has deployed an online application to monitor tracking of speed post and registered posts article. This application in theoretical terms is a robust application which facilitates sender and intended receiver of the article to track the movement of articles sent through Speed Posts and Registered Posts. Govt. of India has spent lakhs of rupees in development and deployment of the technology. Is this money spent is being used to derive its intended benefits. The following is the tracking report for an article despatched at Rohini, Delhi on 7th January 2012 and the report has been taken on 31st January 2012 i.e after 25 days of the despatch. As the public can see that the last entry made in the software is 07/01/2012 and thereafter it has not been updated. If the Department of Posts dont want to update and use the technology then why the lakhs of rupees has been spent?? Is it not waste of Tax Payers money???
Track Result For Article Number: RD073378460IN
Booked AtBooked OnDel / Undel AtDel / Undel OnDetails
ROHINI SECTOR-707/01/2012Details
DateTimeStatus AtEvent
07/01/201210:00:59ROHINI SECTOR-7Article Booked

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can Governement Land Be used for Unauthorised Collection of Parking Fee

These are snaps taken at the place outside Crown Interiorz Mall at Mathura Road Faridabad. The space shown belongs to Government. The vehicles are parked on the Government land and the Management of the Mall was charging Rs. 20/- each as parking fee from each vehicle. The Mall has a parking lot inside the complex. However, due to heavy rush, the vehicles got parked outside. The question is why the Management was charging fee from the space which is not owned by the Management and Is it possible that such business is going on without any involvement of the Govt. officials. On a rough estimate 1000 vehicles with Rs. 20/- each makes a total unauthorised collection of Rs. 20,000/- a day. Dont we think that Govt. should get up and take recovery action of such unauthorised collection from a space which is owned by Govt. of Haryana. The parking fee clearly indicates fee as Space Charges. How any person be allowed to make money from the space not owned by him?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deficiency in service of Speed Post of Department of Posts

Attn: The customers and the Govt. Departments who insist for articles/ letters to be sent by speed post only. This is the efficiency of the Department of Posts Govt. of India.  

Tracking Report for ED343444543IN from IP Estate to Connaught Place (Both in Delhi at a distance of 2 kms)

DateTimeStatus AtEvent
15/11/201111:20:55A.G.C.R.Item Booked
15/11/201116:25:44A.G.C.R.Item bagged for NEW DELHI
15/11/201116:32:55A.G.C.R.Bag Despatched to NEW DELHI
15/11/201119:14:56NEW DELHIBag Received
18/11/201121:26:35NEW DELHIBag Received
18/11/201121:26:48NEW DELHIBag Opened
18/11/201121:26:49NEW DELHIItem Received
19/11/201105:17:30NEW DELHIItem bagged for CHANAKYA PURI
19/11/201111:33:26NEW DELHIBag Despatched to PATPARGANJ
19/11/201112:44:02NEW DELHIBag Despatched to CHANKYA PURI MBC
19/11/201113:37:29CHANAKYA PURIBag Received
19/11/201113:37:49CHANAKYA PURIBag Opened
19/11/201113:37:49CHANAKYA PURIItem Received
19/11/201113:57:00CHANAKYA PURIDelivery Attempted: Insufficient Address- Enquiry
19/11/201116:40:05CHANAKYA PURIItem bagged for NEW DELHI
21/11/201108:49:24PATPARGANJBag Received
21/11/201108:49:33PATPARGANJBag Opened
21/11/201110:59:28NEW DELHI HO (DLY)Item Received
21/11/201100:00:00NEW DELHI HO (DLY)Item Delivered


Track Result For Article Number: EG453447140IN
Booked AtBooked OnDelivered AtDelivered OnDetails
Silvassa05/12/2011Not AvailableNot AvailableDetails
DateTimeStatus AtEvent
05/12/201110:41:36SilvassaItem Booked
05/12/201115:43:43SilvassaItem bagged for SURAT
05/12/201115:58:50SilvassaBag Despatched to SURAT
06/12/201108:03:55SURATBag Received
06/12/201108:07:07SURATBag Opened
06/12/201108:07:08SURATItem Received
06/12/201109:02:32SURATItem bagged for VALSAD
06/12/201112:29:10SURATBag Despatched to SURAT RMS
07/12/201100:18:18VALSADBag Received
07/12/201100:18:42VALSADBag Opened
07/12/201100:18:42VALSADItem Received
07/12/201101:35:17VALSADItem bagged for SURAT
07/12/201118:57:16SURATBag Received
07/12/201118:57:22SURATBag Opened
07/12/201118:57:22SURATItem Received
07/12/201123:11:27SURATItem bagged for VARANASI CANTT
07/12/201123:52:08SURATBag Despatched to SURAT RMS
08/12/201123:25:29PALAM TMOBag Received
09/12/201104:42:13PALAM TMOBag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT
11/12/201108:55:08VARANASI CANTTBag Received
11/12/201108:56:04VARANASI CANTTBag Opened
11/12/201108:56:04VARANASI CANTTItem Received
11/12/201114:12:31VARANASI CANTTItem bagged for AHMEDABAD
11/12/201114:13:06VARANASI CANTTBag Despatched to AHMEDABAD
13/12/201110:39:02PALAM TMOBag Received
13/12/201114:56:00PALAM TMOBagged in Transit Bag for AHMEDABAD
13/12/201114:57:49PALAM TMOTransit Bag Despatched to AHMEDABAD
14/12/201107:28:40AHMEDABADBag Received
14/12/201107:30:11AHMEDABADBag Opened
14/12/201107:30:12AHMEDABADItem Received
14/12/201121:17:33AHMEDABADItem bagged for VARANASI CANTT
14/12/201123:24:00AHMEDABADBagged in Transit Bag for PALAM TMO
14/12/201123:38:30AHMEDABADTransit Bag Despatched to PALAM TMO
15/12/201115:54:05PALAM TMOBag Received
15/12/201116:08:00PALAM TMOBagged in Transit Bag for VARANASI CANTT
16/12/201104:45:50PALAM TMOTransit Bag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT
20/12/201118:20:25VARANASI CANTTBag Received
20/12/201118:26:55VARANASI CANTTItem Received
21/12/201102:16:19VARANASI CANTTItem bagged for SINGRAMAU
21/12/201102:16:33VARANASI CANTTBag Despatched to SINGRAMAU
27/12/201114:29:37VARANASI CANTTBag Despatched to FAIZABAD