Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kya aap isko padne ke baad koi bhi important packet speed post sey bhejna chahenge

A packet containing DD  for Rs. 1,600/- and a request for a form to appear in the examination for MD/MS was despatched by a Doctor from a post office at New Delhi. The last date to reach at destination is 24th January 2012.  The tracking of the speed post on the web-site of Department of Posts shows that the packet is shunting within  New Delhi itself between 18th January 2012 to 21st January 2012. A complaint was immediately flashed to senior official on 20th January 2012 informing them such a callous approach and the importance of the packet. Surprisingly the official other than acknowledging the complaint on 20th Jan itself have not taken any corrective action as the packet was again shunting within New Delhi between 20th and 21st Jan. 2012. Track Result For Article Number: ED269758674IN
Track Result For Article Number: ED269758674IN
Booked AtBooked OnDelivered AtDelivered OnDetails
BHAGAT SINGH MARKET18/01/2012Not AvailableNot AvailableDetails
DateTimeStatus AtEvent
18/01/201213:33:14BHAGAT SINGH MARKETItem Booked
18/01/201216:00:42BHAGAT SINGH MARKETItem bagged for NEW DELHI
18/01/201221:58:47NEW DELHIBag Received
19/01/201209:09:27NEW DELHIItem Received
19/01/201215:10:46NEW DELHIItem bagged for NEW DELHI
19/01/201217:42:02NEW DELHIBag Received
19/01/201217:43:55NEW DELHIBag Opened
19/01/201217:43:55NEW DELHIItem Received
19/01/201221:52:05NEW DELHIItem bagged for VARANASI CANTT
20/01/201200:58:39NEW DELHIBag Despatched to PALAM TMO
20/01/201202:01:33PALAM TMOBag Received
20/01/201204:51:35PALAM TMOBag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT
20/01/201207:23:28NEW DELHIBag Despatched to NEW DELHI
20/01/201216:41:16BHAGAT SINGH MARKETBag Despatched to NEW DELHI

The benchmark as specified by DOP is 4-6 days delivery time anywhere in  India.  Will any customer want to book any speed posts if he wanted to be assured of delivery within time as per their benchmark? I will request all blog visitors and facebook readers to post their experiences with Post Offices as I am planning to assist the Doctor to get relief through legal authorities even though any amount of relief will not be able to compensate the career of the Doctor. We can not get  Department of Posts to improve their services unless we ensure heavy penalty on them including fixing of individual responsibility.
Grahak Jago

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  1. Kya issey nahin lgta about careless attitude of Department of Posts.
    Track Result For Article Number: EG453447140IN

    Booked At Booked On Delivered At Delivered On Details
    Silvassa 05/12/2011 Not Available Not Available Details

    Date Time Status At Event
    05/12/2011 10:41:36 Silvassa Item Booked
    05/12/2011 15:43:43 Silvassa Item bagged for SURAT
    05/12/2011 15:58:50 Silvassa Bag Despatched to SURAT
    06/12/2011 08:03:55 SURAT Bag Received
    06/12/2011 08:07:07 SURAT Bag Opened
    06/12/2011 08:07:08 SURAT Item Received
    06/12/2011 09:02:32 SURAT Item bagged for VALSAD
    06/12/2011 12:29:10 SURAT Bag Despatched to SURAT RMS
    07/12/2011 00:18:18 VALSAD Bag Received
    07/12/2011 00:18:42 VALSAD Bag Opened
    07/12/2011 00:18:42 VALSAD Item Received
    07/12/2011 01:35:17 VALSAD Item bagged for SURAT
    07/12/2011 18:57:16 SURAT Bag Received
    07/12/2011 18:57:22 SURAT Bag Opened
    07/12/2011 18:57:22 SURAT Item Received
    07/12/2011 23:11:27 SURAT Item bagged for VARANASI CANTT
    07/12/2011 23:52:08 SURAT Bag Despatched to SURAT RMS
    08/12/2011 23:25:29 PALAM TMO Bag Received
    09/12/2011 04:42:13 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT
    11/12/2011 08:55:08 VARANASI CANTT Bag Received
    11/12/2011 08:56:04 VARANASI CANTT Bag Opened
    11/12/2011 08:56:04 VARANASI CANTT Item Received
    11/12/2011 14:12:31 VARANASI CANTT Item bagged for AHMEDABAD
    11/12/2011 14:13:06 VARANASI CANTT Bag Despatched to AHMEDABAD
    13/12/2011 10:39:02 PALAM TMO Bag Received
    13/12/2011 14:56:00 PALAM TMO Bagged in Transit Bag for AHMEDABAD
    13/12/2011 14:57:49 PALAM TMO Transit Bag Despatched to AHMEDABAD
    14/12/2011 07:28:40 AHMEDABAD Bag Received
    14/12/2011 07:30:11 AHMEDABAD Bag Opened
    14/12/2011 07:30:12 AHMEDABAD Item Received
    14/12/2011 21:17:33 AHMEDABAD Item bagged for VARANASI CANTT
    14/12/2011 23:24:00 AHMEDABAD Bagged in Transit Bag for PALAM TMO
    14/12/2011 23:38:30 AHMEDABAD Transit Bag Despatched to PALAM TMO
    15/12/2011 15:54:05 PALAM TMO Bag Received
    15/12/2011 16:08:00 PALAM TMO Bagged in Transit Bag for VARANASI CANTT
    16/12/2011 04:45:50 PALAM TMO Transit Bag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT
    20/12/2011 18:20:25 VARANASI CANTT Bag Received
    20/12/2011 18:26:55 VARANASI CANTT Item Received
    21/12/2011 02:16:19 VARANASI CANTT Item bagged for SINGRAMAU
    21/12/2011 02:16:33 VARANASI CANTT Bag Despatched to SINGRAMAU
    27/12/2011 14:29:37 VARANASI CANTT Bag Despatched to FAIZABAD