Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can Bank staff misbehave with the customers

A customer had gone to a PSU bank to get a DD for Rs. 1,600/-. The staff was reluctant to issue DD, misbehaved with the customer and had asked the customer to visit next day for issue of DD. He met Branch Manager of the bank thinking that ethics would prevail. He was shocked with the behaviour of the Branch Manager. On our intervention, the amount in cash was accepted by the bank. Branch Manager asked customer to visit again next day to take DD. The customer also realised his consumer rights and came back after deposit of cash with the bank. He took up his case with the senior most management of the PSU bank and ensured that Branch Manager and Dy. Manager of the Bank reached his residence to deliver DD alongwith with a letter of apology. We provided the customer all details of hiearchy of the bank management with contact details incl email ids. Hum yahee to sabse kahte hain..kissi bhi sewa kee kammi ko kyon accept karen jab hum uss sewa ko lene ka daam poora poora dete hain. Grahak Jago.

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  1. I agree with the fact that,Bank staff cannot misbehave with the customers after all they are meant to serve the customer within their defined means and banking procedures... Thanks for keeping consumer aware in this regards...