Friday, August 5, 2016

Template for raising the complaint to your electricity DISCOM for not adhering to DERC Tariff Schedule Order dtd. 24/09/2015

I have brought out an article titled "whether the Electricity DISCOMs in Delhi adapting to unethical business practices?" , the link of which is given below:

While the issue has already been brought to the notice of Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission and Ministry of Power of Govt. of Delhi, it is advised that all consumers of electricity in Delhi write a complaint by email to their respective DISCOM to flood their office with complaints. Even though the email ids are required to be stated in the back side of the electricity bills, for ready reference I am giving below the email IDs of the respective company where the complaint as per template given below can be mailed. 

                DISCOM                                                              Email Id

BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. (BRPL)            

BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. (BYPL)            

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd.(TPDDL)

                                                Complaint Template

Customer Care Head

Sub: Excess billing due to non-adhering by electricity DISCOM to DERC Tariff Schedule Order dtd. 24/09/2015
Dear Sir,
                I am Electricity Consumer of your company having CA No. ……………………………………………..   I have carefully analyzed the electricity bills being received by me and feel that the electricity bills being received by me during the past more than 10 months are being raised in violation of DERC Tariff Schedule Order dt. 24/09/2016.

                You are requested to kindly look into the issue and request you to kindly follow the DERC Tariff Order dtd. 24/09/2015 and arrange to refund the excess amount charged by your company so far in violation of the above stated DERC Tariff Schedule order. The relevant portion for DERC Tariff order is quoted below:
Interpretation |Clarification
6. The term “month” indicated in the Tariff Schedule shall mean a period of 30 days. For the sake of brevity, all parameters related to billing including eligibility of consumer for subsidy shall be prorated on 30 (thirty) days irrespective of the number of days in a calendar month / no. of days billed”
I would request for a line of confirmation in this regard by return mail.
                                                Thanking you
                                                                                                        Yours sincerely

                                                                                               Name of Consumer

Dt. ....