Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips for Electricity Consumers

  1. Submit application form for new connection/ load extension /change in ownership duly filled in with all details to the concerned official either in person or by speed / registered post. 
  2. Submit proper documents/ records to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which the electricity supply is required. In case you are tenant, produce evidence for lawful occupation of the premises.
  3. Get all the wiring job done by licensed electrical contractor. Use only standard ISI wires and wiring accessories of adequate Capacity and of good quality for the electrical wiring in the premises and also use only effectively earthed thin pin sockets for connecting all the appliances and provide proper earth. Secure electrical connection through use of proper rated Mini Circuit Breakers (MCBs)
  4. Pay security deposit and service connection charges before the specified date to avoid cancellation of the application on hearing from the department.
  5. Ensure that the licensed electrical wiring contractor or his authorized representative is present in your premises at the time of effecting supply for testing the installation and signing in the report.
  6. Provide space for fixing the meter at a convenient place in the ground for easy accessibility to the Assessor for taking meter reading.
  7. Connect additional loads which draw more power like Air conditioners, water heaters etc. only after informing the authorities concerned. The additional loads are connected only after receiving approval of load enhancement.
  8. Use electricity only for purpose for which the service connection has been given (e.g. Domestic/ commercial/ agriculture etc.)
  9. Safeguard the meter and other equipment’s of the department in your premises and ensure that, they are properly sealed.
  10. Get your supply converted from single phase to three phases as may be required as laid down in rules and regulations of the supply of Electricity.
  11. Pay electricity consumption bills promptly before due date of payment.
  12. If your premises were locked for any reason at the time of the visit of the Assessor for meter reading, the electricity supply companies may raise bills on average basis. However, ensure that next bill is received with the adjustment of the actual readings.
  13. Produce the bill at the counter at the time of making payment.
  14. If your service connection has been disconnected for non- payment, you may pay the amount due and the reconnection charges and intimate the concerned officer–in–charge to ensure the connection is reconnected. The companies have been mandated to adhere to the specified benchmarks for reconnection.
  15. If the meter is found to be defective or not running, bring the matter to the notice of the Engineer-in -charge in writing for replacement by a healthy meter. The consumer has a right to get meter tested by third party against testing fee in case he desires so.
  16. Get the internal wiring checked up periodically not only to avoid leakage of electricity but also safeguard the lives of the inmates in the premises.  
  17. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) and FTL (Fluorescent Tube Light) consumes less electricity and release no heat like the incandescent lamps. Hence prefer to use CFL and FTL.
  18. In the present day technology, you can schedule using of washing machine, Geysers etc during off peak hours which help in reducing load shedding.
  19. Use BEE star rated electrical appliances wherever applicable as they are energy efficient. The more star rated product consumes less electricity.
  20. Painting of roof and walls of the premises in white or light colors helps reflection of sun heat and hence are more energy efficient as compared to dark colored roof and walls.
  21. Use proper ratings/ capacity of Geysers, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners for optimum utilization and efficient energy consumption.
  22. Switch off the ACs, TV, Computers, Monitors etc. when not in use as keeping such devices on sleep/standby mode also consumes power.
  23. Use electronic regulators instead of normal mechanical regulators as they consume more electricity.
  24. Before storing the food stuff inside the refrigerator, allow the food stuff to attain room temperature. Do not allow refrigerator to frost. Defrost the refrigerator as soon as frost gets thicker
  25. The temperature setting for AC be normally kept at 25 to 27 degree.
  26. Be a responsible consumer. Asserts your Rights only after discharging your Responsibilities.
  27. Remember Energy saved is Energy produced. Switch off the lights, fans when no one is in the room as someone else in the Hospital may be in dire need of the electricity.
  28. Please raise your concern if you are not getting the service as you are entitled. Remember “Critics improves the Quality”. The first level of complaint against the Electricity Distribution company lies with the concerned official in your area of supplies and head office of the distribution company. The next level of the complaint in case of non-redressal or no response is Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum of the distribution company and Electricity  Ombudsman of the State

[Energy saved is Energy produced]

                     (Assert your Rights only after discharging your responsibilities)