Saturday, May 28, 2011

Delightful experience with PSU Insurance company

I had a chance to visit Oriental Insurance Company  DO office at Bata Chowk Faridabad for renewal of insurance poilicy for my Bike which was getting expired in next few hours. This policy was taken from another DO at Delhi through Mr. Ajay Sehgal for the past 4-5 years. I was surprised when I said the policy is getting expired in few hours and I need to extend it before it gets expired. I further conveyed that I am willing to send the cheque for the premium immediately. It surprised me when he further said he will depute a person on Monday for inspection against inspection fee and then renew the policy. The policy was in fact still valid.

I contacted another DO in Bata Chowk Faridabad and spoke to Mr. Mani Ram Administrative Officer and explained him the difficulty. He immediately advised me to come to his office for renewal alongwith a cheque. I was totally amazed the way he extended his help and I happily returned back with a cover note. What I wanted to mention here is that the success of organizations lies with the attitude of the employee like Mr. Mani Ram whether it is a private company or a PSU. My sincere appreciation for Mr. Mani Ram, Administrative Officer, Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.,  Bata Chowk Faridabad.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Value Added Services (VAS) by Telecom Service Providers

As per TRAI regulations, the telecom companies can not activate any value added service. The value added service means any additional service which is chargeable and is not part of the tariff plan subscribed by the subscribers. Such services can be activated only against an explicit consent of the subscriber.

 It has been noticed that the companies do activate the services especially in prepaid connections and the customers who raise their voice, gets refund of the money through credit back and the other customers especially certain category of the customers who are either less educated or unable to raise the complaints continue sufferings of unethical deductions of the balance amount from their prepaid balances.

 It is being advised that the customers should not keep quite in case their service providers have activated such payable services without their explicit consent and insist for the refund irrespective of the value of which may be small. Such small small value transactions ultimately adds to crores of rupees for the companies.

Jago Grahak Jago.... Asserts your rights and discharge your responsibilities......

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Telecom in India- Quality of Service Benchmark

As earlier brought out that the telecom services in India are regulated by Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) who are laying down the benchmark of the services.

As per the regulation, the telephone connection can not remain unfunctional for more than 3 working days. If it remains dead for more than 3 days of lodging your complaint, the companies have been mandated to provide rental rebate as penalty. It is prescribed as below:

1. Connection not working for more than 3 days but less than 7 days  :  7 days rental rebate
2. Connection not working for more than 7 days but less than 15 days:  15 days rental rebate
3. Connection not working for more than 15 days                               :  30 days rental rebate

All customers are advised to ensure that rental rebate as per above is provided to them. Remember, you as a customer can ensure that the companies do provide the quality of services as per regulation. Enforcement is a step towards empowerment and improving further the quality of services.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Misleading Advertisements by BSNL

The telecom industry in India is regulated by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Besides several corporates Telecom Service Providers, two PSUs namely BSNL and MTNL are also providing telecom services. There have been several violations by the telecom companies and PSU has also been added in the list of violators.

If the PSU has also startedons violating regulations of the Govt., the regulators should get awakened. BSNL has recently came out with an advertisement announcing a scheme of the free mobile connection with BSNL landline subscribers, the salient features have been:

1. Free call between landline and the mobile (absolutely free)
2. Rs. 0.20 per minute call between one selected BSNL local number and the mobile.

Faridabad falls under the service areas of BSNL and this scheme has also been advertised in Faridabad. Surprisingly the mobile connection of BSNL comes under Roaming as soon as the subscribers enters Faridabad in his home town and hence all calls including incoming call becomes chargeable, what to talk of free calls. Hence the scheme as above becomes redundant and amounts to mislead the subscribers. This situation is likely to be everywhere where MTNL is providing mobile services and BSNL mobile connections would be in roaming in those areas. The example could be NCR cities like Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon and sorrounding areas of Mumbai.

The next surprising fact is that BSNL do not have any technology wherein the subscriber during roaming can recharge his mobile. Have any subscriber of other service provider like Airtel, Vodface, Tata is facing such problem.

The matter was also taken up by me with the regulator i.e TRAI who seems to be the silent spectator. The intended customer should take care of while choosing their service provider.It is also requested that the customers facing such situation may please write their experience so that class action can be thought of.
vertisement, BSL,
The customers in general also are advised to ensure that rental rebate is provided to them in case the telephone connection remain dead for more than 3 days. I will be bringing out such advises in the next post.