Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is TRAI really interested in protecting telecom subscribers from the menace of Pesky calls?

Is TRAI really interested in protecting telecom subscribers from the menace of Pesky calls?

I refer to the article that has appeared in Times of India dtd. 25/05/2013 titled "TRAI cracks down on pesky callers"
To the readers I would like to refer to my article on telemarketing calls appeared on my blog which has appeared on 11/05/2012, 08/08/2012, 07/11/2012. Theses articles by way oof my advocacy with TRAI have been sent to them. The paper clearly says that the bulk of telemarketing SMS and calls are being originated from unregistered telemarketers. There are two issues that are important to the problem which were needing attention of TRAI and are being continuously ignored for the reasons best known to them:

1. The procedure laid down for complaining is so complicated that the NCPR registered subscribers prefer to delete the message or forget receiving trouble of telemarketing call than making any complaint. The solution to the problem is if the penalty is imposed on the subscriber and that penalty is transferred to the subscriber as he is facing wrath of the telemarketers and taking the trouble of using complicated process defined by TRAI for complaining. On an average a subscriber receives around  20 to 25 messages and calls and each complaint would take around 3-4 minutes. Why any person would spend two hours daily to complain for achieving nothing. Why TRAI is unable to provide a feature for complaining at one shot for whole of day's telemarketing nuisance or on weekly basis which may take at the most 5 minutes.

2. Most of the telemarketing calls and messages are from unregistered telemarketers and unregistered NCPR subsscribers are not provided any facility to complain. Registered subscribers with NCPR do not wish to make complaint and unregistered subscribers do not have provision to complain, the objective is to continue flourshing telemarketing business with poor enacted regulations and implementation..

TRAI is not at all interested in ensuring discipline of telemarketing business which has already been brought out in my earlier posts. ll such news reports and the regulations are to befool the telecom subscribers and there is a big doubt as the telemarketing (UCC) industry is millions dollar and no body can forego possibly because of ................................. . "Grahak Jago"