Friday, January 20, 2012

States Governments to take care of haraassed consumer

Dear Friends, It is seen that we do compromise with quality of services that we are entitled after purchase of products and services aur chalta hai waali policy apnaatey hain.  This further degrades the services and mopping up huge business margins by the service providers. When we pay full price for the product and services, why should we accept any deficiency in services. On the one side we alwayz compare ourselves with American Customers who do not shy with complaining even on small matters and hence service providers do take care at every step to ensure that they do not violate any service benchmark. Cant we enforce in India when we have been empowered by Consumer Protection Act 1986. Even Govt. of India want to help consumers to create an empowerment which can be achieved only and only through individual consumer getting empowered.
Following States Governments with a financial support from Govt. of India have setup consumer helpline in their States to advise, guide and information to seek redressal to the consumer grievances. These services are absolutely free and even most of the telephone lines are toll free. The States are:
                     States                              T.No. 
                  Gujarat                   1800-233-0222
                  Tamilnadu             1800-345-6760
                  Madhya Pradesh   155343  
                  Rajasthan               1800-180-6030
                  Maharashtra          1800-22-2262
                  Orissa                     1800-345-6724 
                  Bihar                       1800-345-6188

Ab jabkee Govt. of India ne en States Govt. ke thru States mein helpline set up kee hai to consumers ko ess ka fayda uthaana hai. Ab to Jaago consumer bhaai. Humko yeh ensure karna hai kee jo bhi company business mein hai ya to woh achie service dey ya phir apna business band karey. Apne Adhikaron ka paryog karo.. Baaki States ke consumers ko niraasha nahin honee chahiyee kyonki jalad hee baaki states mein bhi consumer helpline setup karne ke liye Govt. of India ne ya to funds provide kar diye hain ya karney jaa rahi hai. Consumer advisors sirf ek phone kee hee doori pad to hain jinko aap kissi bhi working day mein working hours mein contact kar saktey hain.

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