Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lets drive safely and enjoy our life with our beloved!!!

!!!! Insurance companies are not liable to compensate if the victim is at fault !!!
This particular post is for those vehicle drivers who are intentionally or unintentionally driving the vehicles in violation of traffic rules, driving on the wrong side or in the no entry zone or the roads where some category of the vehicles are prohibited to be driven.

One of the glaring example is the DF Skyway at Badarpur or National Highway 8 where it is understood that the two wheelers and bikes are not allowed to be driven. Despite such prohibition, many such vehicles are being driven violating the instructions and also they do not care about the signals of the marshals.

In a recent court judgement, Delhi High Court ruled that the insurance companies cannot be held liable to compensate a road mischap victim or if he dies, his family , if the accident takes place because of his negligence and someone else also gets injured. If the accident takes place because of the wrongful act, neglect or default of the mischap victim himself, even if he dies, he or his family is not entitled to any compensation from the owner or insurer of the vehicle involved in the accident.

While we are always positive thinker that nothing adverse will happen for such small mistake or violation and  imagine that the accident can take place because of our own negligence and we never wish to face such situation of eventuality, we at the same lets decide as to why we should neglect the rules or some driving enforcement or do some short cut?  You never know the accident could be a next moment that was the exact theme of "WAQT"

Our life is precious to ourselves as well as to the society we live in. Lets drive safely for our own protection as well as in the interest of our near and dear ones and enjoy our life with our beloved.

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