Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why any person will oppose strictest of the stricter punishment to the Rapist?

Why any person will oppose strictest of the stricter punishment to the Rapist in a fastest of the faster track courts?

As per the reports appearing in various media including electronic media, a 23 year old girl has been raped in Delhi the capital of India in a moving bus on 16th December 2012. The girl and her male friend were beaten mercilessly and thrown out from the moving bus after stripping them off their cloths. No doubt such incidents are shocking and are shameful for any society and need to be condemned ensuring punishment to the culprits. The debate in the Parliament for making strictest of the stricter laws is just going on. We also agree that there should be the strictest of the stricter laws so that such incidences are brought to the level of ZERO. 

Many people including political fraternity are demanding strict punishment to the extent of "hanging till death". Ram Jethmalani also demanding such punishment. Kasab was seen live on electronic media killing so many innocent people and could not be hanged. His so called hanging itself is mysterious having so many questions So the statement of Ram Jethmalani is a laughing stock. God knows the culprits which in this cases are bus drivers and his accomplishes may turn out to be a Dalit and then Mayawati may seek their protection in the same Parliament by threatening withdrawl of the support from UPA Government.. So let the public be not befooled by such Parliamentarians with crocodile tears. The recent allegations of corruption against Ministers, MPs, and other political leaders and then no action by the political fraternity speaks itself in a silent mode. They have proven to be the best persons to man the fastsest of the faster track court (they could also be given dual charges of being an Investigating Officer also) as they were able to investigate and give decision immediately on the charges of corruption against political fraternity. Kissi Mantri ko kissi politician ko ya kissi party ko  blackmail karna hai ya political support lena hai toh woh apnee beti ko kahega kee tum eskey ya eskay betey ke against rape kee complaint kardo bus support bhaaga bhaaga aayega!!!
After all India's political system is expert in Jugaad Technology!!

We also agree whatever the strict norms could be taken out of English dictionary may be included. Let there be fastest of the faster track court and let 15 days period be specified for the punishment to be awarded and 15 days period should start from the time the accused has been identified and arrested. However before such laws are enacted the following need to be kept in view: 

1. One can recall an incidence of RAPE reported in the Media (News24) few months back alleging a rape in Mahagun Mall, near Delhi. It turned out to be a money extortion game. News 24 channel tried to increase its TRP for about 3 hrs by sensationalizing the coverage and the moment it was found out that girl complained as she was interested in extorting money, News 24 channel was not visible thereafter. Ideally the News 24 channel should have regretted for an out of proportion coverage.
2. Many cases reported later on  have been found false.
3. The abuse of Domestic Violence Act  has been established. 98% cases being reported are being classified as false cases. But there is no respite to these 300% falsely implicated persons (on an average three to four persons are named in such cases). These 300% persons falsely implicated do contain the list of women (being mother and sister of the husband) have to undergo a stage of mental traumatic period ranging from three years to may be as long as 10 years of their life facing many uneducated and uncivilized police personnel besides clerks and wrath of judicial officers in additional to a heavy stake of finances in litigation. 
4. Many wives are even complaining that they have been raped by their husband. The false complaint of DV and rape by the wives in no better terms could be termed as "Legal extortion" and such terms have been used by even Supreme Court of India.
5. All cases of successful mediation by the Mediators are ending up into payment by the husband and his family. The family Courts and the Legal Service Authorities, Police and other agencies are not feeling comfortable even in furnishing the details under RTI Act 2005 about the amount involved in payment to wife and her family in such cases. The mediators, family courts only talk of the amount to be paid by the husband and his family to the wife and her family. Various new technologies are being invented by all stakeholders to extort such money. The list of stakeholders in big.
6. Case of Nisha Sharma in Ghaziabad turned out to be a false after so many years of litigation but who has thought of compensating that boy and his family who were traumatized for so many years. 
Since Nisha Sharma was not punished for false allegations more such cases having similar allegations have been reported only within last two three days. Chaliye Nisha Sharma kee punishment chodiye, uss boy kee jindagi ka jo loss hua hai who on this earth or may be Universe can compensate? I think no one!!!!
7. Recent statement of Haryana Minister with respect to the rape cases in Haryana is also a testimony of false allegations in number (majority) of the cases.

Nevertheless despite 98% false cases of Domestic Violence and numerous false cases of rape we also demand for a strictest of the stricter punishment in fastest of the faster track courts provided ...............................................

We will therefore welcome Any Act to include strictest of stricter punishment to the accused of rape and domestic violence with only one line  demand that the same level of punishment would be made applicable to the complainant if the complaint turns out to be a false. Let strictest of the stricter punishment be as "hanging till death" or chopping off their genitals in public view. The same level of the punishment should be made applicable for all other stake holders (be it police wallah, laboratory, or the court) abusing the law process. Why only the rape cases, let provision be made to punish the guilty (husband or wife or their family members) in cases of Domestic Violence, Matrimonial disputes too and that too within a period of 3 months or so. It is well considered that once a complaint has been made to the police in whatever state of mind of the complainant and whether the complaint is genuine or fake, the couple cannot stay together in a normal way then why not grant Divorce immediately on filing a case/complaint. Let fastest of the faster track court be established immediately with ZERO TOLERANCE ABUSED IMPLEMENTATION

(The Hon'able electorate of this vast country may kindly note that whatever is being debated in the Parliament is only the Vote Bank politics and everyone seems to be trying to take mileage out of the incident)

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