Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is Media discharging its responsibilities?? We need to be cautious in buying property and food items!!

Is Media discharging its responsibilities?? The perspective buyers of property and food items in Faridabad are advised to take necessary precaution!!!!!!

Placed below are two news reports appeared in Navbharat Times on 10th and 12th December 2012. When some one has been cheated or someone is cheating, our responsibility is to inform others so that others should not fall prey to such unethical business practices.

It would have been much appreciated has the news reported should also have published the name of the builder who were cheating the buyers and in the second  report, the samples of food items (sweets) were taken almost two months back and during this two months which includes major Hindu Festivals lot many customers might have purchased and consumed such an adulterated food items. Initially the Government failed to discharge its responsibilities in cautioning the people not to buy the items and then now the media as well as Government has not brought out the names so that the customers at least now should not buy the food items from those shops whose samples have been failed and those builders who are cheating the public. I expect someone reading the blog and having information will intimate the same for a wider dissemination to the public in the interest of public.

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