Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dont you desire that women should get respect and justice?

Kya aap sab yeh nahin chahengey kee sabhie insaanon ko justice miley!!!But aap yeh toh nahin chahenge kee kissi innocent insaan ko sazaa miley??

Abhie 16 December 2012 ko jo rape ka case hua hai usney insaaniyat ko hee khatam kar diya hai.. Wmen key khilaaf koi bhi jurm / julam hota hai toh uskey khilaaf accused ko saza milney chahiyeey.

Jara,  unn women kee bhi sochiye jinkey beton ko yahee women false cases mein fansaa detey hain ... unn women kee socho jinkey brothers ko false cases mein fansaa diya jaata hai ... Sirf essliye kee Paisa extort karna hai... Kya yeh women nahin hai ... Kya enn womens ko justice nahin chahiyee jinko sirf ek false case key dum pey hee police aur judicial system money extortion pey lag jaata hai.

So we demand justice for all.... Women are women, girl is a girl whether she is a mother or a beloved sister... she also loves her son.. she also loves her brother....

Crime is a crime ..... Woman is a Woman, Girl is a Girl....

Make Gender Neutral Laws ... Stop Corruption in Police and Legal System ....

!!!Equal Punishment to the Criminal and the false complainant whosoever he or she is, be it a man, woman, police or anyone!!!

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