Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kahin aap ko aisa koi message aapke mobile pe toh nahin aata?

If you are getting such SMS on your mobile? Do not respond to such messages!!!
As per TRAI regulations, the telecom companies are not allowed to activate any value added service (VAS) on your mobile without seeking your explicit consent. If any of the service which is chargeable is activated without your explicit consent, the companies are required to refund double the amount deducted from your prepaid balance.Such problems are prominent only in prepaid mobile connection.

In the past the companies were in the habit of activating such service on their own and deducting the amount from subscriber's prepaid balance. The customer who were able to raise their complaints, were getting refund. We demanded that the amount of refund should at least be10 times of the deducted amount so that the companies should think 10 times before activating any service without seeking customer's consent. TRAI brought out a regulation that the companies will have to refund double the amount of what has been deducted unauthorized and that too within 24 hrs. of the complaint. We were expecting that the companies now will be disciplined. But as usual the companies will keep on finding some or the other way to try to increase their business even if that is the unethical way of doing or in a misleading manner.

Now a days the messages somewhat similar to as given below has started landing on to your mobile:

"Dear User appka khel khel mein service ka trial aaj khatam ho raha hai. service ka nonstop maza lene ke liye 5433405 toll free dial kare"

It is advised that in case you are not interested to subscribing the value added service, do not respond to such messages. The subscribers who would respond to such message on the informed number, it will be presumed by the companies that you have consented and money would be deducted even though you might be tempting to tell them not to subscribe. It is better to delete such messages.

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