Monday, March 10, 2014

Why political parties should not be debarred to contest the elections if the parties refuse to comply with CIC verdict dtd. 3rd June 2013.

Why the political parties should not be debarred to contest the elections if the parties refuse to comply with CIC verdict dtd. 3rd June 2013?

One of our partner "Prakash India" has send a mail to CIC and Election Commission regarding "political parties' under the ambit of RTI Act 2005. The copy of the mail is reproduced below:

"Central Information Commission (CIC) after much hesitation had issued show cause notice to six national political parties on07.02.2014 giving them four weeks time to reply for their not complying with CIC-verdict dated 03.06.2013. But none of the six political parties appear to have responded to show-cause notice issued by CIC in stipulated four weeks ended on 07.03.2014. 
It is total disrespect to an institution (CIC) set up by a legislation passed by the Parliament. To save honour of the institution and also to get citizenry justice in their right for information, CIC should immediately fix an urgent hearing at the earliest possible date to penalise political parties in every possible manner including imposing maximum penalties and also recommending Election Commission for cancellation of their registration apart from allowing an exemplary compensation to petitioners especially when maximum penalty under the RTI Act is just rupees twenty-five thousand while there is no limit on allowing compensation as per law."
A copy of the mail that I have mailed to CIC as well as Election Commission on 10th March 2014 is also reproduced below:
"This is really disheartening to note that the political parties themselves are themselves dis-respecting to the constitutionally enacted RTI Act. In fact such political parties need to take a lead and set an example so that the other stakeholders starts respecting the Constitution. One of the leading party has every now and then been speaking on several public platforms that the party has given RTI Act to the citizens. There is no use of an Act which does not get implemented in its true spirit. Political parties are also public authorities as they are in the business of public services and are key stakeholders in management of public money.

The development over the past few years are otherwise also giving a signal of weakening the ACT instead of its further strengthening. The non- enforcing of the Act on political parties would further encourage the Public Authorities to defy the provisions of RTI Act. Hardly any penalty is being imposed by CIC on the Public Authorities. 

It is therefore requested that in case the political parties are still defying to the CIC orders, a recommendation on immediate basis may please be passed onto Election Commission for their immediate disqualification to contest the forthcoming elections."

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