Monday, March 17, 2014

Have you ever travelled through Air India flight and come across .............

!!!!!!!!!My experience with Air India flight on 15th March 2014!!!!!!!!!!

I had a chance to travel on Air India flight from Bangalore to Delhi on 15th March 2014.  I had traveled quite a lot through Air India flights in the past. However, the experience encountered on flight AI-404 on 15th March 2014 reminded me of the tendency of their downward growth and continued support on Govt. of India for its survival. I am just mentioning below some of the points reflecting its unprofessionalism:

1. The AC even at the boarding point was not working. I just thought may be due to take-off process, the AC might have been switched off. Surprisingly it was giving hot air.
2. Even after take off, the AC did not work. The same was informed to the cabin crew atleast three times. Every time it was being stated that the concern has been informed. Hence the entire flight was covered in a hot and suffocated environment.
3. The TV display panel did not work during entire journey. The reason stated as usual "Technical"
4. It was quite surprising to note that the latchet of lockers above the seat No. 10D was getting opened time and again and cabin crew was time and again trying to close it through use of some tapes. I was occupying seat No. 11D. When I started looking here and there, the same was the situation seen at least at 4 lockers.
5. My surprise did not end here. More surprises meted out when I went to the toilet 'D' finding huge length of tapes used even to close the cover below the wash basin and at many other places. My fellow passenger informed me that the toilet on the other side 'E' was having wash-basin fully choked.
6. I had to request cabin crew three times to provide the feedback form. The feed back form was filled up but no body collected. I had to go at the back to handover the same. Cabin crew was in so much hurry to serve the food that they came to serve tea/coffee immediately after serving the food.

While there could be some technical reason, there are some issues of unprofessionalism and could have been controlled with proper interface.

I have been expecting that some senior person after going through the feedback form would revert back. However, this is yet to be reciprocated. I would update if some senior official contacts me. Meanwhile I will be forwarding the link of this post to the concerned department for their perusal and corrective steps if they wish to.

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