Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is drinking water facility at Terminal 3 Airport, Delhi adequate for user friendly?

Is drinking water facility at Terminal 3 Airport, Delhi sufficiently user friendly?

GMR claims The New Delhi Airport at Delhi to be of world class standard. While visiting the web-site of New Delhi Airport, one finds that the Airport also provides for water facility. The quote as provided on the web-site is reproduced here:

"There are several places across the airport where RO (Reverse Osmosis) treated Drinking water is available. Should you want to purchase bottled mineral water, it can be done at the different food outlets available at a reasonable cost."

However, one can find out at the Airport that it does not provide the tumblers (not even disposable) for drinking the water. If someone tries out to drink water, it either goes to nose or spills over the face. GMR has not given the slightest consideration to small children and old-aged people who form a sizeable percentage of passengers traveling via airlines, and who would have considerable difficulty in drinking water this way. It would seem then that the Airport Authorities are trying to compel/coerce the travellers to buy packaged water from the commercial outlets at Airport. And if that indeed is the case, what is the use of providing ROs? 

I have already stated these views on their web-site where the feedback form is provided. A copy of this article is also being emailed to them for the appropriate steps as providing a safe drinking water hygenically is also part of Consumer Protection Act like in any other shopping malls, multiplexes etc..  

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