Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is EVOK resorting to Unethical Business Practices?

Is EVOK, Crown Interiorz, Faridabad resorting to unethical business practices?

EVOK also seems to be resorting to unfair trade practice (UTP). 

I had a chance of visiting the store yesterday i.e on 8th Feb.2014 at Faridabad. It has displayed everywhere in the show room including newspaper a discount upto 60%.

The sales boy had stated a discount of 15% on MRP on some particular item which was sent for billing. However, at the billing counter, surprisingly the cashier did not account for the offered discount. This was noticed only after payment of money by credit card completed. However the issue was raised. The cashier confirmed from the sales boy as to whether any 15% discount was offered on the item. The sales man confirmed and despite that the cashier did not corrected the bill. The cashier was asked to share the email id of the concerned senior official so that the issue is raised appropriately. The cashier refused to share the email id. Surprisingly the web-site of EVOK does not contain email id of customer care other than a form which has been filled up with the comment "

Shall be grateful if you could provide the email id to forward the link of the post being posted on public domain about unethical business practices by EVOK". If the email id is received, the post shall be forwarded to EVOK through email so that the EVOK has a chance to defend their practices. The response if received from EVOK would be updated in the subsequent post.
Having no other option at the stores where you are accompanied with your spouse, a feedback form was filled up and dropped in the drop box. Lets wait if there is any impact of the feedback form or it is just a show-off business to befool the customers. I will definitely update if there is any ethical handling of the issue. The details of the cash Memo no. is 0160001021 dtd. 08/02/2014.
In my view the behavior of EVOK is in no way better than any any tom beacon and harry business man. If the EVOK has any sense of fair business practice, it may consider refunding the extra money charged.This post is also being forwarded to the trader at email id

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