Monday, February 10, 2014

Can CIC be biased? Is it possible?

 Can CIC be biased? Is it possible?

I have been raising a RTI since last more than two years against Delhi Police. Delhi Police have been supplying false information and some of the crucial information which could have substantiated the claims of a possible nexus, have been suppressed by Delhi Police. There was a hearing before CIC (Chief Information Commission) wherein I could beyond reasonable doubt prove that Delhi Police is supplying false information and have been suppressing information of crucial nature. I concluded my view point with a request to direct Delhi Police to state the facts on an affidavit. Delhi Police refused to supply the statement of information on Affidavit.  Surprisingly the CIC order does not specify such request made by me as an Appellant. What could be the reason of suppression of such statements of the Appellant by CIC. Could it be possible CIC being biased. I do not believe but it is also a fact that it is a real based factual statement of mine. I am planning to bring details of my RTI application, PIO responses and CIC orders viz.-a- viz appeal before CIC on a public domain so that the public who is a stakeholder in RTI can analyse the impact of Right to Information Act 2005. 

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