Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be careful while dealing with!!

Be careful while dealing with
Please be careful while dealing with Understand all terms and conditions before you decide to make any payment to them. Avoid any credit card payment through IVR. It has been heard that the company is making exaggerated promises during their telephonic marketing calls. I have also received a call from them at least 10 times on 24/02/2014 but when I asked them to give me the promises in writing through an email , they had vanished. The first doubt was created when the caller said that whatever shopping (other than petrol,CNG etc) is done through credit card, I will have to pay only 80%. If me and family go for excursion trip, the lodging and boarding incl local travel shall be borne by the company for rest of the life. They started asking details of the credit card which I refused to share. I had spoken to the credit card issuer who confirmed of such fraudlent practices.
I am reproducing below two complaints from consumer: 

"I have been forced to get buy from sarthak deals, I had no idea that I was making payment for con deal. First people called sand said you will get good discounts on you XXX credit card if you go with deal then I was not convinced so they made me talk to many people in their office and forced me to buy deal. In that deal I had 3 day holiday package and i was told to make booking before 21 days so i made booking before 25 days and i was told by sarthak agent that ur booking will get confirmed only before 4 days of ur trip. Three days prior to my trip i called that was Saturday i was told that ur booking will be confirmed after 4 o clock ( On Saturdays they have half day work till 2:00pm) i tried calling them at 3:30pm and their no. was switched off. On day prior to my trip i was traveling to my destination cos i had booked my train tickets and i called them and they said that person who is in charge of is on leave for ten days. Then i had to pay everything for my vacation. People buying any deals from Sarthak Deals please don't buy and don't get conned. Thank you, Narendra Sharma, 9371008882" 

"I also have almost similar experience. On Saturday, I received a call, person told he is calling from my credit card company, they are going to send me a complementary discount card which can be used with my credit card to get 25% discount on every purchase and a holiday package. The service charge for which will be 6599/- for one year and then it can be continued after payment of 2500/- annual. They further asked my card no. for confirmation and I got a code from HDFC bank which confirmed I am dealing with right person. I entered my credit card information, I received a massage of payment made by my card, which was surprising. Then again received call from a lady giving the detail which was totally different from what the first guy told me. I asked her to cancel my booking because I was previously I was under impression that the call was from my bank. Whole day I was keep on receiving calls from the company trying to convince me but every time I denied. But truth was I have already made payment which cannot be reimbursed without their desire. Today morning I received confirmation mail about the payment. From the domain name of the mail id I searched for the company name and address and also the complaint against it. I found your mail. I request you lets launch police complaint against this company then only they will stop fooling people. 
Dr. Rekha Singh 
9999019697 "

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