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Unbelievable allegation of adaption of fraudulent means of delivery of registered legal notices by Department of Posts?

Unbelievable allegation of adaption of fraudulent means of delivery of registered legal notices by Department of Posts?

Vigilance department of the Postal Department has been requested to investigate the matter of a delivery of a registered notice from an advocate who was bent upon proving that the notice has been served at an address which was for the purpose of claiming on the property whereas the fact is that the addressee stated on the envelope containing legal notice does not stay at the stated address on the envelope. The registered legal notice was pre- acknowledged and dropped in the letter box. Several complaints to the concerned officials as well as request to the senior officials including the Hon'able Minister. The silence being maintained by all the senior officials is suggestive of malpractices prevailing in the Department of Posts and hence the Vigilance Department has been requested to investigate the malpractices. The matter has also been taken under RTI Act 2005.

The text of the request made to the Vigilance Department of the Postal Department on 3rd January 2018 for initiation of investigation is reproduced below:

The Chief Vigilance Officer,
Room No. 901, Sanchar Bhawan
New Delhi-110 001


I am forwarding herewith the complaints as in the trailing mails w.r.t fraudulent signature done by the postal staff in making a delivery of a Regd Postal AD Article No. 
RK 938628302 IN sent from Bangalore (Hoskote) to Faridabad. It is rather surprising that even the senior officials are silent on the subject desite several follow ups suggesting about such fraudulent practices prevailing in Postal Department hence compelling me to seek a vigilance inquiry. The background is as below:

1.  One Regd Post article No. 
RK 938628302 IN was dispatched by one Advocate Mr. P.S.Manjunatha from Hoskote on 29th November 2017 to the addressee as Mr. xxxxxxxx, H.No. yyyyyyy, Sector yy Faridabad-121003.

2. The stated addressee Mr. xxxxxxx does not stay in the stated address i.e H.No. yyy, Sector yy Faridabad-121003 and hence this notice from the advocate was not receiveable in the said address.

3. It was shocked to see that the registered post article was found to be dropped in the letter box on the evening of 5th December 2017 despite two of the family members of the undersigned complainant were available in the house.

4. The article in an unopened condition was returned back to the Amarnagar Post Office on 6th December to be returned back to the sender as the addressee Mr. xxxxxx does not stay here and the postmaster was further requested to enquire as to who has signed the acknowledgement as it was a delivery being hand in glove (financial interest cannot be ruled out). 

5. The CCTV are installed at the gates of the complainant house and hence the monitoring of the CCTV footage revealed that the postman with just an envelope in the hand came at the gate and dropped the registered article immediately and returned back within 10-12 seconds suggesting that the either the acknowledgement was pre-signed before reaching the gate of the house or it is just signed without signing the acknowledgement. 

6. The computerised signature in the acknowledgement seems to be signature of an middle educated man may be from some of the neighbour as the opposite party has been in hand in glove with few neighbours and the delivery of the legal notice was an essential part of the legal case. 

7. In view of above, I have been complaining to the post master and senior officials to share with me the soft copy of the computerised signature for further action at my end as well as investigate the matter by the Postal Department. However, the way Post master is also silent on the subject and is not responding to the complaints, it even suggest that his involvement in such scams could not be ruled out. It is all the more essential that the Vigilance Department of the Postal Department to step in and seize all the documents, signatures, acknowledgement etc and investigate the matter to its logical conclusion. I have also raised RTI application and therefore request you to direct the officials to keep them in safe custody. Meanwhile I also request you to direct the officials to share with me the softcopy of the computerised digital signature signed while acknowledging the delivery receipt. 
8. I shall share the video footage of the postman making delivery of the registered article by dropping the same in letter box on 5th December 2017 (Further discussion with the area postman also revealed that he has also subcontracted the job of delivery the postal articles/documents to someone else and the postmaster is aware of such practices) . It will be shared with you on receiving your advise.

With regards"


I shall be sharing the details of the report if received from the Vigilance Department. Meanwhile the litigants may be careful if you come across and taken aback if someone tell in the court that the notice has been served to you without actually serving the same. 

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