Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do we really dreaming India to be world class country with Bullet Train in the network of Indian Railway system?

Do we really dreaming India to be world class country with Bullet Train in the network of Indian Railway system?

It seems to be a million dollar question.

Our Government popularly known as Modi Sarkar headed by Hon'ble Shri Narendra Damadordas Modi as Prime Minister is dedicating himself to make world class cities in India. I do not know whether it is a political dream or is an actual dedication.

I have a chance to visit New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) on 10th July 2014 and wanted to reach platform No. 2 from Ajmeri Gate side by using escalator being unable to walk through staircase. There have been certain observation which I thought to write them over here:
1. The scanner checking for luggage: It was working. Two police men were sitting to monitor but seen gossiping. Surprised to note that the monitor through which scanning was being monitored was lying switched off. Tried to take snap but the policemen preferred to hide from the camera.

2. Escalators installed at Ajmeri gate side entry were seen not working. Barricades were kept just on the approach side. Tried to find out from two policemen and a staff. Was told that the escalators are not working since last more than six months. I recalled immediately that I had visited at least four times during last one year but the escalators were not seen as  working even at those time also. I thought at that time might have been switched off. But this time surprising part was the placing of barricades at the approach of escalators.  Barricading this time compelled me to think that these must have been now permanently closed. Snap of the escalators are attached with this post. All senior old aged people were seen climbing the staircase. 

3. It was very difficult to stand at platform No. 2 being smelling very heavy.

4. Our Prime Minister time and again have been pretending to be technology savy. But that seems to be only during the election 2014 in a bid to create the atmosphere for vote banking. Tweeted number of times the condition of New Delhi Rly Station to PM office, Indian Railways, Newspaper and electronic media like ABP News, Zee News, Aajtak and few important personalities like Anjana Om Kashyap and Dibang who recently covered Bullet Train story in China. Surprisingly they never reacted to the tweets. Why the media is so biased could not be understood. probably guessing that electronic media must have been made BJP spokes media without realising that spooning and buttering is dangerous for the development of the country. Criticism always improves upon quality.

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