Monday, May 12, 2014

Advisories for Online Shopping- Prevention better than cure

Advisories for Online Shopping- Prevention better than cure

1. Check with the manufacturer / distributors whether e-commerce websites are listed as their authorized resellers for the products you wish to buy. 
2. Avoid shopping at Cyber Café. Cyber-café are highly insecure for payments through credit / debit cards. 
3. Use only trusted web-sites for on-line shopping through trusted payment gateways. 
4. Before doing any shopping at on-line shopping store; please ensure that the site has provided proper details of customer care in their link ‘contact-us’ with telephone number, email ids, postal address etc. If possible, verify details of telephone number and email id by giving a call and mail to seek some details about some products. 
5. Provide complete details in the order form including mobile number, email id. 
6. Study the complete terms and conditions including delivery commitments, refund policies and process for warranty replacements, after-sales service facilities, defective goods/ dead on arrival and any other instruction that need to be followed at the time of acceptance of the delivery. 
7. Keep a record of the details of the registered orders and note down the reference number of the payment confirmation. 
8. Read the fine print before making the purchase. 
9. Compare the prices offered by various e-commerce sites before making any purchase. 
10. Open the box immediately as soon as you receive it to check for its breakage, dead on arrival etc. 
11. Check the product if it is delivered as per your order. 
12. It the products is purchased on “pay on delivery (POD) basis”, check the product before making the payment to the delivery man. 
13. Check whether the company has got any authorized service centre near your locality. 
14. Certain products require installation by the company’s authorized representative. The companies usually advise to open the delivered boxes by their authorized representative for any shortage, breakage etc. Get the report signed from them for any deficiency. 
15. Do not fall prey to false promises, exaggerated claims. 
16. If possible, go through the reviews/feedback of other users.

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