Friday, October 11, 2013

Whether the rules and regulations of TRAI are adequate to handle menace of telemarketing calls

Whether the rules and regulations of TRAI are adequate to handle menace of telemarketing calls (Unsolicited Commercial Communication)

Dear Readers,

I am drawing the attention towards a recent newspaper report that has appeared in Dainik Jagran dtd. 3rd October 2013. The newspaper clipping is pasted in the post.

As per the report, the telecom subscribers are suffering from the menace of telemarketing calls. The question is whether the regulations framed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) are adequate enough to restrict the telemarketers to resort to telemarketing calls and violate the regulations.

I have written six articles on this blog right from 11/05/2012 onwards and have brought out the deficiencies in the regulations. The copies of such articles have been sent to TRAI. As usual, TRAI seems to be not interested in giving relief to the customers from the nuisance of telemarketing business. As whatever the deficiencies have been brought out still remains to be addressed and there could be some compulsions of no-addressing the same. TRAI seems to be pretending to the customers about its seriousness without removing those bottle-necks. The result is that the companies are taking telecom subscribers for a ride. In fact the problem instead of getting reduced is getting increase multifold. Obviously, one violator if unchecked creates 10 times more violators is proving to be true in this case. 

To the readers, I am mentioning below the title of the article and its date of publishing:
1.                11/05/2012
2               31/05/2012
3.  08/08/2012
4.                           07/11/2012
5.                                                      07/11/2012
6.           25/05/2013

 If TRAI is really interested in rescuing the harassed telecom subscribers from telemarketers it need to ensure that unregistered telemarketers gets vanished and that is not possible unless and until the subscribers are given an easy method of complaint registration with part of the penalties collected is shared with the complainant. If there is no regulation to check unregistered telemarketing business, the woes of the subscribers shall continue and that is possible only if there is a system of complaint registration.

In the last:
यदि आप किसी कॉलोनी को लुटेरों से मुक्त कराना चाहते हो तो आप किसी की भी शिकायत पे कार्यवाही करनी चाहिये चाहे वो उस कॉलोनी का निवासी है या नही. अगर आप यह कहेंगे की शिकायतकर्ता उस कॉलोनी का निवासी नहीं है और उसको शिकायत का अधिकार नहीं है इस लिये आप कोई कार्यवाही नहीं करेंगे तो लूट कभी भी खतम नहीं होगी.


  1. Dear Mr. Virmani,

    There are many ways to complain against the receipt of UCC i.e. calling 1909, forwarding of SMS to 1909, by email to dedicated email_id of the all TSPs etc. Regarding sharing of penalties, it is to inform you it is not possible to collect penalty from the unregistered TMs who have taken connection under prepaid category(95%). If there is no balance , Pl suggest how to recover penalty from them? It is pertinent to mention here that 80 crores subscriber are in prepaid category.

  2. Dear Mr. Sunil, Thanks for sparing your valueable time in going through the article of public interest. I have brought out a issue regarding unregistered telemarketers and in my view there is no complaint system for non-NDNC subscribers. If the Authorities are deprived of the complaint about Non-NDNC subscribers getting calls from unregistered telemarketers, the problem is not going to get addressed as these telemarketers would continue to exist without being checked. This is what my quotes in Hindi. This way unregistered telemarketers would continue to flourish their business. I am of the firm view unless we finish unregistered telemarketing industry, the woes of NDNC or NCPR subscribers would also continue.