Friday, May 11, 2012

Telecom Companies violating TRAI regulation on telemarketing calls

TRAI has brought out regulations w.e.f. 27th September 2011 to curb the menace of telemarketing calls. However, telecom companies seems not to be cooperating TRAI in implementation of these regulations. The following regulations are pertinent to the post:

1. All the telemarketers are required to be registered with TRAI for the purpose of telemarketing business.
2. All the telemarketing calls are to be carried out during 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM
3. All the telemarketing calls should originate from a number series of 140xx xx xxx so that the receiver of the call can identify the incoming call as telemarketing before opting to receive or not.
4. All the telemarketing SMS should be sent with a 9 alphanumeric character code or identifier and no message of telemarketing nature can be sent through an mobile number.
5. There can not be telemarketing call to a number which is registered with NCPR. It means the customer who have got their mobile number registered with NCPR can not receive any call of telemarketing nature at any cost.

In view of above, the regulations at S.No. 1 to 4 is definitely is for the benefit of the customers who have not got their number registered with NCPR but at the same time would have the option of attending to the call or not.

The companies says that they can not take any action against the telemarketer if the customer receiving the call is not registered with NCPR. If that is the case then why regulations at S.No.. 1 to 4?. This problem has come up while taking up complaint with MTNL and TATA.

2. If the regulations are announced to befool the customers or

3. If there is anything beyond it?  Needless to mention that the telemarketing industry is of very high business value and one can not rule out the possibility of corruption.



  1. I hope that they will find a way to finally stop those random, boring sales calls

    1. Thanks for your comments. In my view, such menace will continue as there all 100 crore mobile users and after all telemarketing message cost only 1 paisa per SMS.