Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whether TRAI is protecting consumers or the telecom companies?

This post is specially meant for prepaid mobile users as these category of consumers are prone to cheating by telecom service providers.
Telecom companies has lot of schemes, special tariff vouchures value additional services and lure these consumers to subscribe such services initially and then put such services on Auto Renewal with a condition that those who dont want should get it deactivated through a process. Are you sitting for such jobs only to waste your time for deactivation. Should it not be other way round i.e the customer who want it again and again should get it activated. Should not a option be given that whether you want to get it activated or deactivated by yes or no.
The regulatory authority in the case of telecom services is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India shortly called as TRAI. TRAI has mandate "to protect the interest of consumers". In fact TRAI practically looks after the interest of telecom companies. It is a fact that there are close to 90 crore customers of telecom services. If a customer is cheated by Re.1/- per day, the total cheated amount comes to Rs. 90 crores per day and now which authority would take care of consumers?
If you have purchased or subscribes to some special service for a specified period say some SMS pack valuing some Rs. 62/- for a period of say one month, the company on expiry of the period of one month would extend the same and deduct the money from the customers prepiad balance. The company takes a stand that the customer should deactivate if they dont want auto renewal whereas it should be on the contrary that the customer whosoever want to get it extended get it activated.  I have got views from many users that they could not get it deactivated and hence have paid money thru deduction by the company from their prepaid balances. This kind of marketing is never heard of. It would mean that if you have ordered for a pizza one day, the next day also you would get pizza in case you have not asked the company to not deliver the same. The surprising part is TRAI is supporting this move of auto renewal of services. Is it wrong to say that TRAI is protecting the companies instead of consumers?

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