Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have found answer to why traffic jam in Delhi. Do you?

I was passing through Badarpur situated in the capital of India on 4th Feb 2012 when I found above vehicles being driven in opposite carriageway and causing traffic jams without bothering inconvenience to other road users and took snaps which I thought I will share with concerned agencies being stakeholders for a betterment. I am a frequent user of the above road. I have been facing through severe traffic jams and have been posting on the facebook of Delhi Traffic Police and also Mr. Satyendra Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) for the past six months or so. I was always wondering why traffic police is not able to control the traffic jam in the capital of India despite such an abled Jt. Commissioner of Police. I used to receive comments that "Local Area Officer has been informed". However, no respite to the public vows.

I was further surprised when I received a comment on 4th Feb 2012 which is quoted below:

Delhi Traffic Police Thanks, this type of offense is prosecuted on the spot only.

It is worth appreciating that it is not possible for the police personnel to be present every place throughout  and hence such violations if the authorities are helpless..

As far as me is concerned I feel that the snaps were quite clear showing violations. In case the vehicle would have been a personnel vehicle, the traffic police would have shooted a challan at his address. But the vehicle is a public good carrier and as per my experience the jams at this point were being created by public carriers such as Gramin Sewa, Autos, Cycle Rickshaws, Buses, Trucks etc. and the comment of the traffic police as reproduced above seems to have clarified my wondering as to why Traffic Police of capital of India could not control traffic jams in the capital of Delhi. Needless to mention that such vehicles may be  the major violators of traffic rules at various redlights junctions without getting challaned

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